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We work with passion in yacht design sector, studying concepts that interpret new scenarios and living needs in a world in constant transformation.

The team was born during the master's degree course in Naval and Nautical Design in La Spezia, with the thesis project "LONTANO: an Explorer Yacht designed to live the sea". This concept superyacht explores new ways of living and sailing on board. Just one month after its presentation, LONTANO has been shortlisted for the category "Concept Over 40 Meters"  at  "The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022".

"After the magical moment when my eyes opened to the sea, it was no longer possible for me to see, think and live as before"

Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Giulia Bassan


Partner, Interior designer

- Bachelor's degree in of “Interior Design”, Politecnico di Milano

- Master's degree in "Naval and Nautical design", University of Genoa



"During my life and education I have developed a deep attraction towards art, design and the aesthetics of everyday life, with particular interest in interior design, which was the first great passion that I have followed. I approached the yachting sector because I was fascinated by the challenges and innovation that "living in the sea" is investigating in this historical moment. ”


Alessandro Benedetti


Partner, Exterior designer

- Bachelor's degree in “ Industrial Design”, University of Florence

- Master's degree in the faculty of 'Naval and Nautical design", University of Genoa

"My passion for design and sailing, which I grew up, they helped to trace my training path, initially in product and interior design, then landing in the world of yacht design, always turning my interest to the search for style, art, creativity and constructive ingenuity. What I do is carry on a passion with constant interest, curiosity, meticulousness and a lot of attention to detail."

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